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Pete B

“Thank you for all of your efforts in representing our rental property. Marchant Property Management has made owning a rental as simple as owning a publicly traded stock. I get my statement at the end of the month, and never even think about the property until tax time rolls around. I have suffered the headaches of trying to manage my property by myself, and there is no comparison.”

Pete B., Satisfied Owner
Kathy M

“Marchant Property Management, LLC has done a superior job in locating reliable tenants, handling any problems that arise such as repairs and advising us on additional acquisitions and anticipated rental income. I can truly say that my degree of satisfaction with the rental experience of our properties is largely attributable to Marchant Property Management taking care of all of the day to day details of owning rental properties. I am very pleased with our experience and the professionalism of Marchant Property Management in all respects.”

Kathy M., Satisfied Owner
Sherrill N

“I am very pleased with the service Hunter and Marchant have given me over the 12 years that I have used them. They do their best to keep the properties rented, respond to questions immediately, and provide all that is needed.”

Sherrill N., Satisfied Owner