Rent Ready Property Standards

When a property is rolled over from an owner-occupied property to a tenant rental property, or from tenant to tenant, we strive to have the property be in the best condition possible for future residents and for the home to be move-in ready. The cleaner and well-prepared your property is at the beginning of a lease, the better chances for a tenant to maintain that standard. When tenants vacate your property, they will also be held to these move out standards (minus normal wear and tear).

$1,000.00 required upfront to cover any items listed that are not handled by the owner.

Marchant Property Management has developed property standards to assist our clients in accomplishing the following:

  1. Reduce their liability as investment property owners.
  2. Help preserve their assets and reduce costs caused by deferred maintenance.
  3. Give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive rental market.
  4. Provide a safe, clean environment for their tenants and encourage long-term residency.

The property standards, which are outlined below, are guidelines to help standardize the process of getting investment properties into a rent ready condition. Each investment property is unique, and these standards are meant to serve as a guide to help our clients be as informed as possible about the recommended condition for a rental property.


Exterior Rent Ready Property Standards


  1. All trash, debris, personal items should be removed from yard, sheds, garage, and common areas (multi-unit). This includes but is not limited to: curtains/drapes, shower curtains, plungers, hoses, ladders, landscaping tools, cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies, fireplace tools, grills, doormats, etc. Any items left may be trashed by management at the owner’s expense. NOTE: if you leave any items, we are setting the standard for tenants to do the same. Marchant Property Management is not responsible for any personal property left behind.
  2. Remove any animal feces from yard.


  1. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed and not hanging over the roof, driveway, or walkways. Low hanging branches should be removed. Dead shrubs and trees should be replaced and irrigation available, and stumps ground down.
  2. Flowerbeds and gardens should be weed-free.
  3. Lawn should be mowed, green, and in good condition.
  4. Automatic Sprinkler timers should be in working condition. Sprinklers should be in good working order. No broken or leaking valves or sprinkler heads.
  5. Potted plants, flower boxes, and garden boxes should be removed from the property.


  1. Fencing and gates should be in good repair and in working order or removed (no missing fence slats, chain link fencing should have top rail).
  2. Wooden decks should be solid and have no wood rot. Walking surface should be safe with no large gaps, tripping hazards, failing wood, or nails or screws protruding. Decks should be stained, and water sealed or painted with no exposed bare wood.
  3. Railings should be secure and be able to support the weight of an adult. Wooden railings should be painted or stained, and water sealed with no exposed wood. Stairs with a rise of 3 or more steps need a handrail.


  1. Rain gutters should be in good repair and clear of debris. Rain gutters are required over doors and walkways where there is water runoff.
  2. Downspouts need to be in good repair and should direct water away from foundation and cement walkways to avoid water damage in basement and slipping hazards in winter.
  3. Soffit and fascia should have no gaps that could allow insects or rodents to gain access to the attic area. Wood soffit and fascia should be painted with no exposed wood or wood rot.
  4. Siding/stucco/brick should be in good condition with no holes or missing siding or bricks. Wood siding should be painted with no exposed wood.
  5. Roof should be free from leaks. No bare spots that are not covered by shingles or other appropriate roofing material.
  6. There must be house numbers on the house that are visible.
  7. Disconnect from your account any Ring doorbell or comparable doorbell. The doorbell may stay, so long as tenant can connect their account.


  1. Windows should be in good working order with no leaks and all panes in place. Windows should lock and function properly (open and close). Windows that open should have screens with no holes. Should be clean of dirt and cobwebs.
  2. Window wells should be free of debris, garbage, and weeds.
  3. Doors should be proper exterior doors (no hollow core) with sufficient weather stripping. Exterior doors should have deadbolt lock that functions properly.
  4. Ensure all doors have appropriate interior door stops.
  5. Garage door should function properly. Should open and close easily. Automatic garage doors should have safety sensors.
  6. Sliding glass door should function properly. Glide with ease and lock properly.
  7. Mailbox should be in good condition and free of rust. Should be securely fastened to the building or, if in the ground, should be secure and stable. Should have a proper door or lid that protects mail from weather. Mailbox should be properly labeled with visible address numbers.


  1. Exterior cement: Driveway/patios/sidewalks should not have any tripping hazards. Cracks should not have weeds growing through them. Deteriorating cement should be replaced if it causes a potential liability.


  1. Exterior light fixtures should have proper covers and bulbs.
  2. No exposed wiring, junction boxes, or other improper electrical that could be a liability.


  1. All carports/garages will be numbered and assigned to a unit.
  2. Storage units will be numbered and assigned to a unit.

Interior Rent Ready Property Standards


  1. Unit should be left in a broom swept condition (This helps ensure we can take photographs and open for showings timely!)
  2. Unit should be professionally cleaned by Marchant’s approved vendor.
  3. Unit should be free of garbage, debris, and personal items.
  4. Carpets should be in good, clean condition without excessive wear or staining. No loose or ridging carpets. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned by Marchant’s approved vendor or, if not cleanable, replaced using Marchant’s approved investment property flooring.
  5. Fireplace: wood-burning fireplaces must be cleaned and inspected. Wood-burning fireplace(s), if operational, shall be clean of any debris and have a fireplace screen or heat-proof glass doors installed. If non- operational, the fireplace opening on the interior of the home shall be permanently sealed with an aesthetically pleasing material.


  1. Paint should be in good, clean condition. No dingy or mismatched paint from patches or touchup. Walls with excessive nail holes will be painted. Paint on doors and trim should be in clean condition without chipping or scuff marks. Only entire walls will be painted (no touchup painting) on walls with excessive marks or nail holes. Any painting will be completed with Marchant’s approved investment property paint.
  2. Wallpaper must be in good, clean condition without tears or rips. Otherwise, it will be removed and painted with Marchant’s approved investment property paint color.


  1. Vinyl, tile, laminate, and wood flooring should be in good condition for age of property. No excessive cracks, scratches, rips, or tears. Grout should be in good condition.
  2. Carpets should be in good, clean condition without excessive wear or staining. No loose or ridging carpets. No rips, frays, or exposed tack strips.
  3. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned or, if not cleanable, replaced using Marchant’s approved investment property flooring.


  1. Light switches and electrical outlets should be in good working order and not broken or painted.
  2. All light switches and electrical outlets are required to have a proper cover (no cracked or broken covers).
  3. Light switch and outlet plate covers should be clean and not painted or should be replaced.
  4. Light fixtures should be working and clean with no cracked glass and no burned out bulbs.
  5. Each kitchen and bathroom should have at least one functioning GFCI outlet.
  6. Each living area and bedroom should have a smoke alarm (except for bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room). Each floor should have a CO2 detector. Replace any alarm older than 7 years. Change batteries in all alarms.
  7. No exposed wiring, junction boxes, or other improper electrical that could be a fire hazard.


  1. Windows and sliding glass doors should have blinds or shutters (white in color), not curtains. Blinds should be clean and function properly or be replaced. Blinds need to be on windows where privacy is needed, such as bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, halls, etc. Exceptions may include laundry rooms or bathrooms with frosted or privacy windows.
  2. Interior doors should be clean with no cracks or holes. They should open and close easily and have door stops to protect the walls. Closet doors need to be on their track and function properly.
  3. No exterior locking doorknobs on interior doors.
  4. Bathroom doors should have appropriate locking doorknobs (no exterior keyed knobs).


  1. Cabinets and drawers should function properly and be in good condition. Cabinet and drawer pulls and hinges should be present and not loose.
  2. Cupboard shelves should be clean and secure.
  3. Countertops need to be in good condition with no large burn marks, scratches, or delamination.
  4. Mirrors should be securely fastened to wall and should not have cracks.


  1. All plumbing fixtures should work properly with no drips or leaks.
  2. Sinks should have working drains and drain pull with no leaks.
  3. Tubs should have working drain plug and clean caulk. No slow draining tubs.
  4. Showers should have a curtain rod only or a working shower door, which doesn’t allow water to leak out. Showerhead should function properly. Shower should have a drain cover. No slow draining showers.
  5. Toilet should be clean and in working order. No exposed bolts at toilet base. Toilet seat should be securely fastened and shouldn’t have staining or wear. Toilet should not run or leak.


  1. Bathrooms need to have sufficient towel bars and have a toilet paper roll holder. Do not leave old plungers or toilet cleaning brushes in bathrooms.


  1. Hand railings should be secure and are required on a rise of 3 or more stairs.


  1. All appliances should be clean and in working order. No missing or broken parts, and no tape in refrigerators.
  2. Each unit is required to have a refrigerator, oven, and stove. Units that have built- in spaces for microwaves or dishwashers should provide these appliances.