Application Requirements

Marchant Property Management is committed to equal housing and we fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA) and with all state and local fair housing laws. We do not discriminate against persons because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Our occupancy policy stipulates that each bedroom is limited to a maximum of two individuals, excluding minors under the age of five.


Please have at least one of the following forms of acceptable income documentation before you apply to expedite the application process. All copies must be legible.

Relocation/New Employment: Offer letter or income verification from the Applicant’s Employer: must be current or for a job starting within 30 days of move-in, on company letterhead (or notarized) and signed by the appropriate Human Resources or Company Officer.

Self-Employed/Commissioned: The last two years of your personal tax returns.

Hourly/Salaried Applicants:

Social Security Disbursement Letters: A disbursement letter showing monthly awarded amount.

Child Support: A court order or notarized letter from an attorney representing the terms of proposed assistance.

Non-Verifiable Monthly or Yearly Income: Residents that are unable to verify the income needed to properly qualify, must have a qualified Co-Signer (see Co-Signer details below).


A lease co-signer may be used under the following conditions:

Your monthly verifiable income is less than 3 times the amount of the monthly rent.

  1. The co-signer has a credit score above 700.
  2. The co-signer has verifiable monthly income.
  3. The co-signer meets all other application requirements listed above.

You may not use a Lease Co-Signer if:

  1. You are declined because of unacceptable credit history.
  2. You are declined because of unacceptable rental history.
  3. You are declined due to evictions.
  4. Co-signer has landlord debts, evictions, rental judgements, or foreclosures paid or unpaid.

Security Deposit: Security Deposits are typically equal to one month’s rent. However, in cases where there are more perceived risks due to credit, income, rental history, etc., the Landlord reserves the right to require a higher security deposit.

No Security Deposit Option: Rhino Security Deposit Insurance product replaces cash security deposits with smart, affordable insurance so renters can maintain control of their cash. Instead of a large upfront cash security deposit, renters pay Rhino a small monthly fee, and Rhino insures the home for the property owner in case of damages or unpaid rent that might occur. Our enrollment process takes just minutes and is available to all renters with a credit score of 600+. Rhino automatically deducts a small monthly payment that’s significantly less than a security deposit, which is usually upwards of thousands of dollars.

Errors & Omissions: Every effort has been made to provide applicants with reliable and accurate information regarding the home you are applying for. However, changes can and do take place to cause inaccurate information to be accidentally presented. We encourage all tenants to verify schools, allowable pets, expected features, or any HOA concerns prior to signing a lease agreement. Any information posted in any advertisement does NOT constitute a written agreement or guarantee of the facts stated.