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We require all tenants to enroll in our Master Insurance Policy so that we can make sure that the owner, tenant, and property are protected during their tenancy. The Master Policy provides a win-win for owners and tenants by providing liability and contents coverage. Some of the highlights of the program are listed below.

  • $100,000 Liability Insurance Coverage
  • $20,000 Tenant Personal Contents Coverage
  • $3,000 Medical Expense Coverage
  • $3,000 Additional Living Expense Coverage
  • Deductible: $500 Per Incident Paid by the Tenant



Renters changing filters has always been a problem for landlords, and HVAC continues to be the largest annual line item expense for even the most seasoned property managers. We have figured out a smart solution that solves all of these problems while saving residents money. We have partnered with FilterEasy, the #1 air filter subscription company in the world, to structure a solution uniquely designed to dramatically increase rental resident compliance.

In summary...

  • The exact quantity, size, and quality of filters needed will be delivered on a subscription basis for the lease period. No more searching at the store.
  • Shipments will have our logo and messaging, reminding residents of their obligation.
  • Filters will be stamped with expiration dates, so we can hold residents accountable.
  • Instructions as well as benefits will be included to educate and motivate the resident.
  • The most important thing is that the filters arriving on their doorstep is the trigger to change the air filters on time, so remembering is no longer part of the equation. In addition to the in hand reminder, we also send out email notifications to the tenant the day the filter gets shipped out.



Citizens Home Solutions is a Texas based business that was designed to help eliminate the stress and pain of moving from home to the next. Our mission is to help our clients make the best decision for them when choosing certain providers. We always have your best interest at heart. Whether you are leasing, renting or buying we are able to assist you with connecting utilities, cable, internet, satellite, security, pest control, lawn maintenance and much more. We are a 100% free service to you and you can call us as many times as you like. How is it free? The providers and vendors pay us a small referral fee for taking care of you. We have partnerships with all the main utility providers and we do extensive screening on other trades and vendors to insure you will get the best treatment, service and work every time.



Rently pioneered the world’s first self-showing technology, empowering renters to securely view property by themselves on their own time. Using Rently patented self-showing, property managers are able to deliver a unique service and a competitive edge, all resulting in faster leasing times.

Rently syndicates our listings to over 30 listings sites including Hotpads, Trulia and Zillow to drive renter traffic. Rently also auto responds to all inbound prospect emails and allows renters to automatically schedule a showing using our patented self-showing platform. Rently utilizes multiple points of security including credit card authentication, credential verification and artificial intelligence to ensure a secure showing. One registered, prospective renters receive a one-time access code specific to the property. After the showing is complete, renters receive a post-showing survey to provide managers real time feedback and analytics.

One of the best features of Rently is the metrics and analytics. You’re never in the dark with Rently. Each showing, survey, or inquiry gets captured by our system. Easy to read reporting of all calls, emails, showings, and feedback is provided to Owner via a unique URL so that you can be kept up to date with all activity in real time.



Property Meld is a maintenance coordination software that eliminates the maintenance “Fog of War”. Instead of dispatching work and hoping the job is done, Property Meld will automatically tell you the scheduled date/time as well as completion. Property Meld offers best-in-class communication tools. Phone calls and emails are the death of the time clock. Utilize our communication tools to reach residents, technicians, vendors, and owners in their preferred method contact. This includes email, texting, and in-app notifications. Best part is, we’ll document all conversation regardless to the ticket of the medium. Property Meld also offers instant follow up. Our system automatically prompts vendors and technicians for completion. This means your residents are immediately notified of the work being done as well as prompted for satisfaction.

You know what this really means? Improved retention of tenants due to a higher level of maintenance. Property Meld was designed to make the experience of maintenance pleasant while delivering excellent customer service. 46% of residents listed maintenance as a reason they renewed their lease and 36% of residents list maintenance as a reason they left.

Property Meld provides a truly distinctive advantage and greatly improves the overall maintenance experience which leads to more satisfied tenants.



PetScreening is a simple way to screen all pets and animals and a way to manage all pet information in one place. Through PetScreening, pet profiles are created in a snap and provides all applicable information including training, behavioral and vaccinations. PetScreening offers hand-checked profiles with risk insights. Our team of Reviewers check every profile that claims assistance animal status in order to prevent fraud. Every pet profile has a FIDO score assigned to give you insight. Check out the video that further explains the benefits of PetScreening.

Other Ways We are Taking Property Management to a New Level


Our calls are answered by a live person 14 hours a day, 365 days a year. We answer leasing calls 98 hours a week, which is nearly two and a half times that of most property management companies.


Chat is a fast, easy, and stylish way to communicate with our customers and visitors to provide the help and answers that they need in a timely manner. This results in a more efficient team, less distraction and all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer support!


We use Adobe Sign to sign all of our leases electronically, which provides a quick and easy solution to sealing the deal. By using Adobe Sign, the process is so simple and so quick that it eliminates the possibility of prospects continuing to shop around for properties while waiting on a lease agreement or lease renewal.


Hootsuite allows us to manage all of our social media accounts in one place. We utilize social media to promote our company, and to promote all of our rental listings which allows us to rent our properties faster than the competition. We promote our listings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, and Linked In.


We offer professional photography to show off the best qualities of our properties. We also offer custom video tours of our properties that allow prospects to do a virtual walk through of the property. We also use Virtually Incredible to optimize our video tours to ensure maximum exposure and effectiveness. Professional photography and video tours make our properties stand out above our competition, which results in faster leasing times.