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BEFORE SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS: Please note that properties can only be held for up to 30 days from the Availability Date or Application Approval Date, whichever is later. In order to rent one of our properties, you must sign the lease and pay the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee within 24 hours of application approval, or we reserve the right to move on to the next qualified applicant. In addition, the lease start date must be within 30 days of the date the property is available or application approval date.

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS:Multiple applications will be accepted on all properties up until the point where we have a signed lease and the reservation fee has been paid. Marchant will process the COMPLETED applications in the order in which they are submitted. Once approved, applicants have 24 hours to sign a lease and pay the security deposit or pay your first month of Rhino protection, and pay the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee or we reserve the right to move on to the next qualified application. Please note that the property that you are applying for could be leased to another applicant after you submit your application, in which case your application fee remains NON-REFUNDABLE. However, please note that your application can still be used for up to 30 days for any of our other available properties.

Before you begin:

Thank you for your interest in our property. Please be sure to read ALL instructions prior to completing the application.

All applicants are required to go through our third party service to review our policies in regards to pet owners, non-pet owners and those with assistance animals. If you do not have a pet there is no charge to complete this part of the screening. If you have an assistance animal there is no charge to complete this part of the screening but be prepared to upload necessary documentation for the animal. If you have a regular pet; it is $20 to register your first pet and $15 for any additional pets.

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Please note: Marchant Property Management may manage properties within a community that has specific rules, regulations, and/or restrictions in place. All application approvals are subject to the HOA Covenants in place for a property within it’s community. The HOA rules, regulations, and restrictions may pertain to specifications on pets, breeds, group housing, parking, etc. In the event that we cannot approve your application for the specified property within a community due to one of these rules, regulations, or restrictions, we are happy to transfer your application to another available property. Application fees are non-refundable.

FAIR HOUSING: Marchant Property Management strictly abides by the Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Laws and principles of equal opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or familial status.

Our occupancy policy stipulates that each bedroom is limited to a maximum of two individuals, excluding minors under the age of five.


UTILITY TRANSFERS:  Tenant is required to provide Marchant with proof of utility transfer prior to picking up keys to the property.

SMOKING POLICY:   All our properties are non-smoking properties. No smoking is permitted inside or near any of our rental homes where smoke can vent into the home.

RENT PRORATION:   All rents are prorated to become due on the 1st of each month.

FALSE INFORMATION: If any information provided on your application proves to be false or misleading, your application will be denied, and all fees will be forfeited as liquidated damages. If you have already entered into a rental agreement on the property when we discover that you’ve provided false information, you will be subject to immediate eviction from the premises, and forfeiture of your security deposit.

HOW AND WHEN WE DECIDE: It usually takes between 1 -3 days to process rental applications, depending on the cooperation from landlords and employers. Please note that we cannot process incomplete applications.

RENT PAYMENT OPTIONS: We require all rent payments to be made online through the tenant portal, which is FREE. Alternatively, tenants have the option to pay through RentMoney where you can pay your rent with cash at many local retail locations including Wal-Mart. RentMoney Payments require a $3.75 convenience fee. All other payments will be subject to a $7 payment processing fee.

PET POLICY: Most of our properties will consider pets on a case-by-case basis with the final decision up to the property owner. Before final approval can be obtained, you will be required to submit a pet application through a 3rd party pet screening company and provide photos of your pet and vaccination records. We typically charge a Non-Refundable Pet Admin Fee of $200 per pet and $35 monthly Pet Admin Fee for each pet. Please note that for 6 month leases, we charge a $400 Non-Refundable Pet Admin Fee per pet. For pet friendly properties, any more than 2 animals must be approved by owner. Acceptable pets include: dogs, cats, small caged animals, caged birds, and fish. Service/Companion animals are allowed and are exempt from any pet rent or pet application fees. Livestock animals, poisonous, dangerous, or exotic animals, and dogs that are considered "aggressive breeds" are prohibited. Aggressive dogs may include but are not limited to: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, Husky or any breed of guard dog trained to attack. The foregoing applies to both purebred and any mix containing one of these breeds. Applicant must provide breed, weight, age, and submit a photo of all pets.

RESIDENT BENEFITS PACKAGE: In addition to the monthly rent, there is an additional $35 Resident Benefits Package (which is not optional). The Resident Benefits Package helps cover the cost of a filter subscription service. Second Nature is a service that delivers the exact quantity, size, and quality of filters to your door approximately every 90 days when it is time to change your filters. In addition, Second Nature will send an email reminder to be expecting your filters to arrive soon. This service makes changing your filters a breeze! In addition, all tenants will be named as Additionally Insured under the Marchant Property Management Master Insurance Policy. The Master Insurance Policy features $100,000 in Liability Coverage and $10,000 in Tenant Personal Contents Coverage. This policy is required for all residents of Marchant Property Management. You may always carry any additional insurance coverage of your choosing. The Resident Benefits Package also helps cover the cost for a Resident Rewards Program and Credit Building with Pinata, 24 Hour Maintenance Coordination Services, Multiple Payment Options, including Free Online Rental Payments, Tenant Portal Access for payments, statements, lease documents, etc., Online Move In Inspection Reports, Rental Verifications on your behalf, and our 14 Hour/Day/7 Days/Week Staffing Center to take phone calls and emails from our residents.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Security Deposits are typically based on combined credit scores of applicants and equal to the following. However, in cases where there are more perceived risks due to credit, income, rental history, etc., the Landlord reserves the right to require a higher security deposit. If applicant does not have a credit score, the credit score will default to 550.

Credit scores of 550-599 = Security Deposit equal to 2 month’s rent

Credit scores of 600-699 = Security Deposit equal to 1.5 month’s rent

Credit scores of 700 and above = Security Deposit equal to 1 month’s rent

NO SECURITY DEPOSIT OPTION: All of our properties offer a NO SECURITY DEPOSIT OPTION through a Rhino Security Deposit Insurance product that replaces cash security deposits with smart, affordable insurance so renters can maintain control of their cash. Instead of a large upfront cash security deposit, renters pay Rhino a small monthly fee, and Rhino insures the home for the property owner in case of damages or unpaid rent that might occur.

Our enrollment process takes just minutes and is available to all renters with a credit score of 600+. Rhino automatically deducts a small monthly payment that’s significantly less than a security deposit, which is usually upwards of thousands of dollars.

LEASE AMINISTRATION FEE: Lease Administration Fee is $200 and due at time of lease signing. The Lease Administration Fee covers the cost of Application Processing, Pet Screening, Agent Referral Fees, Lease Preparation, Security Deposit Processing, Free Utility Concierge Service, Document Storage, Utility Confirmation, Routine Inspections, Move In and Move Out Inspections, and making sure our properties are clean and rent ready for our residents.

NON-REFUNDABLE MOVE-OUT ADMIN FEE. The Non-Refundable Move-Out Admin Fee is $500. Moving into a new residence is a time-consuming and stressful process that often requires more time than a Resident has. Additionally, cleaning standards can vary significantly from one individual to another. In an effort to lessen the Resident’s workload at move-out and ensure that the Premises meet Marchant’s standards for a new resident, Resident agrees to pay a Non-Refundable Move-Out Admin Fee.

Payment of this fee covers professional cleaning and professional carpet, hardwood, and floor cleaning. The Non-Refundable Move-Out Admin Fee is NOT refundable and is NOT part of the Resident’s Security Deposit on the Premises. In addition, the Non-Refundable Move-Out Admin Fee does NOT cover trash removal, or the removal of any personal items left by residents.

In the event that additional cleaning beyond normal wear and tear is required after move-out or the cleaning and carpet cleaning costs exceed $500, Resident shall remain responsible for the actual costs associated with such cleaning and carpet cleaning. Furthermore, in the event any carpet or flooring is damaged due to pet urine, waste, or any other substance that cannot be removed by cleaning the carpet or flooring, Resident shall remain responsible for all costs associated with the damage to said carpet or flooring, including, but not limited to, the pro-rated replacement costs of such carpet or flooring.

If Marchant is no longer the property manager of this unit on Resident’s move out date, Resident agrees that Marchant will not be responsible to perform any of the cleaning activities as described above, that the cleaning activities will be transferred to the Landlord, and that the Non-Refundable Move-Out Admin Fee remains Non-Refundable.

CREDIT CONTINGENCY FEE: Tenants who meet our screening criteria and get approved, but who have less than excellent credit (below 800) must pay a monthly Credit Contingency Fee for all tenants with less than perfect credit that is based on combined credit scores of applicants and equal to the following. If applicant does not have a credit score, the credit score will default to 550.

NONREFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE: Marchant requires a Non-Refundable Reservation Fee, which is equal to the monthly rent amount, at the time of lease signing. Once the lease start date arrives, the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee will be applied as follows: 1. Lease Admin Fee. 2. Non-Refundable Move-Out Admin Fee. 3. Pet Admin Fee Per Pet. 4. The remaining balance will be applied towards the first month’s rent. Please understand that if tenants do not move into the property for any reason, this Non-Refundable Reservation Fee will be forfeited to the owner of the property in exchange for taking the property off of the rental market, regardless of how long this period is.

ERRORS & OMISSIONS: Every effort has been made to provide applicants with reliable and accurate information regarding the home you are applying for. However, changes can and do take place to cause inaccurate information to be accidentally presented. We encourage all tenants to verify schools, allowable pets, expected features, or any HOA concerns prior to signing a lease agreement. Any information posted in any advertisement does NOT constitute a written agreement or guarantee of the facts stated.

Application fee: $60.00

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