Breaking the Lease

In the event a Tenant may request an early lease termination, Tenant may request Landlord to seek an approved replacement tenant and must strictly adhere to ALL of the following procedures:

  1. Tenant must pay Landlord the $750 LEASE TERMINATION FEE.
  2. Tenant must specify a move out date.
  3. Upon receipt of payment, Landlord will begin to advertise the property in the attempts to locate a replacement tenant at terms equal to or acceptable to Landlord per the current lease agreement.
  4. Any replacement tenant must, in Landlord's discretion, be acceptable as a tenant and must sign a new lease agreement with terms not less favorable to Landlord than this lease.
  5. Tenant will continue to pay the agreed to monthly rent and all utilities until a replacement tenant is located, a new lease agreement is executed, and the replacement tenant moves in.
  6. Tenant will vacate the home on or before the specified date given for their early move out. Tenant is required to vacate the property at least 10 days prior to replacement tenant move in to allow time for cleaning, carpet cleaning, painting, and any repairs. Although the Landlord needs this time to prepare the house for renting, tenant is required to pay rent and utilities until the replacement tenant takes possession.
  7. All security deposits are then subject to the guidelines contained in this lease.