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What do Property Management Companies Do? Property Inspections

Brittany Caldwell - Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hey, property owners. Do you know if a tenant's taking good care of your rental property? At Marchant Property Management, we do. Hey, everyone, it's Brittany, and I'm back for Talk About It Thursdays, and today I'm going to be continuing my series on what we do here at Marchant Property Management. The last few weeks, I've talked about rental analysis, property marketing, tenant screening, leases and moving procedures, rent collection, and maintenance, and today, I'm going to, of course, be talking about property inspections. Some property management companies do not conduct regular inspections. We provide move in and move out inspections. We also highly recommend that you take advantage of an optional routine inspection to be conducted every six months while a tenant is living in your property. The inspections are performed by an independent third-party vendor, and owners will receive a copy of the report along with any recommendations from your property manager. These detailed inspection reports typically contain between 50 to 200 color photos that document the condition of your property and point out any recommended maintenance items that need to be performed at your property. By making sure the properties are being maintained and cared for, we can often drastically reduce the turnover costs when a tenant vacates your property. So, that's all I have today for Talk About It Thursdays. I'll see everyone back next week. Bye. Have a great day.