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Don't Get Bugged Down During The Summer: Helpful Tips on How To Stop Pests From Coming Into Your Rental During The Hot Summer Months

Marchant Property Management, LLC - Thursday, July 25, 2019

The sun is out, the sky is clear, and there's an ice cold drink calling your name. While summertime might have you enjoying the outside, this sunny season may bring on some unwanted guests to your home: bugs.

Not only do insects such as ants, mosquitoes, and roaches thrive in summer weather, they also breed during this time of the year. As a tenant or home-owner, Insects can bring germs inside your home, so that is why it's significant to keep your space as bug-free as possible. Our goal is to make our Tenants and property owners feel as comfortable as possible, so below we have some helpful tips to keep these unwanted guests from keeping residence in your home during the summer.

No food out

No Matter what time of the year it is, leaving food out could be a bad idea. Insects love chowing down on empty pizza boxes or any kind of food that they can come across in your home or apartment. If you are one of those people who have a sweet tooth, you definitely want to take care of where you put your sweets. Bugs and insects are like magnets when it comes to sweets, so make sure to keep your candy, cookies, and even ice cream out of their greedy paws. Even when it is a Sunday and you are eating your box of cereal or bag of chips, keep them from being left on the kitchen or coffee table. Keep your snacks in the pantry in a tightly sealed container and hopefully this helps. Another helpful idea to keep your home from unwanted visitors is to keep any fruit and/or vegetables in the fridge if there is space. You don't want your house or apartment filled with fruit flies, we all know how annoying this can be. So go ahead and give these ideas a try and see if your bugs start to disappear!

Keep house clean

We all have been there at some point, whether you have seen it or have had to deal with it, dishes that are overflowing in the sink are no fun. Not only is it a task to clean, but this can attract a lot of bugs that were unwanted. If you are serious about trying to rid your bug issue, than maybe adopt the “clean as you go” mentality. So, when you finish cooking make sure to wipe down those counters and stove tops and take out any overflowing trash, this all will only bring in more bugs that you don't want if it’s left sitting. Nobody likes cleaning dishes, but it is a necessary evil to avoid an infestation. Not only will this mentality make your house look the best it ever has, but it will hopefully help reduce the amount of issues you have with bugs and insects inside your household.

Give peppermint oil a try

If all of these tips have failed to aid you in getting rid of your bug issue, than maybe give peppermint oil a try. Of course there is the traditional option for standard insecticide to spray around your home, but you may not be thrilled about the chemicals accompanied with that or the smell it brings. Peppermint oil can provide you with an all-natural alternative that smells great as well! Mix about 4 to 5 drops of peppermint oil in a cup of water and pour this mix into an empty spray bottle. Spray this solution in common spots where you find bugs hanging out in your rental. Some good places to look for bugs are the kitchen, bedrooms, inside cabinets, and doorways.


If you are in need of some new decor as well as getting rid of your bug issues, consider incorporating plants. Whether indoors or outdoors, plants can provide a plethora of benefits. Of those beneifts includes repelling those bloodsucking mosquitoes. A nice basil plant can be utilized perfect for cooking, but even better, fending off mosquitoes with its strong smell. As well, peppermint plants can help reduce insects like ants from invading your property.


Remember to keep these 4 ideas in mind, you never know they could really make a difference in the management of your property. South Carolina can get awfully hot during the summer, so why not control how heated you get by using some of these tips to tackle your infestation.